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There is a shift in the way people think about transport and we would like to enable larger companies to be prepared for the next generation of micro and electric mobility.

‘Evo-Bike’ products promote the development of Eco sustainable cities while improving your customer service. Replacing car usage for short journeys and reducing your companies carbon footprint.

The ‘Evo-Bike’ structures are designed to allow for an easy to use E-bike sharing or rental platform. The charging station is activated by an RFID card. A kit to identify the RFID card user and recharge the bicycle will be installed on each bike. Bicycles are anchored to the bar by the handlebars & locked in place by means of stainless a steel block. Bicycles are charged using their own charger fitted inside the bar. This system is compatible with a variety of E-bikes, it avoids the use of inefficient universal devices and gets the best performance out of the battery. ‘Evo-Bike’ does not require a separate control kiosk, as each rental point operates independently. Non-stop services is guarantee even in case of a malfunction on individual charging point.

The management system can be ‘local’ or ‘remote’. The database is located on the charging station server. Moreover, individual bicycles/stations can be locked in the event of a breakdown and you can manage a users in a variety of ways. The system also allows a user and bicycle transaction log.

The ‘Energy supplier’ version allows you to charge any kind of electricity-assisted pedal bicycle,E-Kick Scooter or E-Moped. This is done by connecting its battery charger to Schuko interlocked sockets with 230V AC power supply situated on the bar. Charging can be free or paid for using a RFID card user recognition system.
In order to ensure safety, current is supplied only if the socket flap is locked by the system and a current limit of 2A is set to prevent misuse.

Full implementation and assistance on managing the system can be provided. Talk to us to see how we can help.