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Pregnancy is a very special time in your life. Educating yourself to be a good consumer, knowing your options, and how to provide yourself with the best possible care is essential to a healthy pregnancy.

Enjoy the many tips & educational advice we always love to give at HomeTrends Baby & Kids. We try to help you understand your pregnancy and the foetal development taking place. When you go through this website you will find a variety of essential practical tips, suggestions, information, advice and shopping guides. Remember our aim at HomeTrends Baby & Kids is to guide you through your nine months of pregnancy and tailor to all your needs with our enormous choice of beautiful top quality products.

At HomeTrends Baby & Kids our priority will always be you and your baby’s comfort and well being.

Customer Service

The reward in visiting HomeTrends Baby & Kids the baby shop is to simplify your life.

Upon the arrival of your newborn baby, a phone call at your convenience is all it takes. Your pre-order is then delivered to your home where our staff will assemble any products purchased, if required.

We are always available for any after sales services you might need. To make sure we give the best service possible, HomeTrends Baby & Kids’ opening hours are arranged to try and suit everyone’s schedule.

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